So who is Lily & Faith?

Well we're not called Lily or Faith. The business is run by myself Christina and my husband James and we named it after our daughter Lily Faith. She loves the fact that the business is her name and always says she's famous because her name is on the candles, although if she had her way her face would be on the label too!

We started Lily & Faith in 2019. James has always had an entrepreneurial drive to run his own business and he was the one who came up with the idea of making candles. We loved candles and always burnt them in our home but just couldn't find one that lasted and was also clean burning and gentle, which had become much more important to us since having Lily. We had become conscious about the products we were using in our home and were surprised by the ingredients being used to make them, including the big name brands.

That's when we began to create our very first range. It took a lot of research and lots of trial and error but once we started giving out samples to friends and family we knew from the feedback that we had something worth selling. Initially we launched five fragrances in soy wax candles, introducing wax melts next and then diffusers a year later. We introduced more fragrances, limited editions and seasonal ranges and now have six signature scents that our customers love.

We have something for everyone within our signature range from the fresh and
fruit notes of Lemongrass & Ginger to the dark musky tones of Black Pomegranate. Find out more about all our signature scents here.

Running a business together as Husband and Wife has certainly been a journey but we try and keep it fun. We both have different skills that we bring to the mix and balance each other out in terms of stress levels at times! Lily does like to get involved sometimes and has even gotten her teachers to be customers.

Recently we've made the move from Soy wax to a new natural blend of Rapeseed and Coconut wax, it's a more eco-friendly wax and has proven to perform better too. Burning at a lower temperature you really do get a longer lasting scent and an even clean burn. It's 100% vegan, biodegradable and more sustainable which is very important to us at Lily & Faith. Both the hot and cold throw [the technical term for the scent you get when its lit and not lit] is much improved meaning you get a better quality product overall.

Our reed diffusers are also made with a vegetable derived base ensuring they are eco-friendly and better for your home environment as that is just as important to us as the gorgeous scent.

Myself and James hand pour all our candles, melts and diffusers ourselves, created by our family with yours in mind.

Christina & James