5 Ways Home Fragrance Compliments Your Interior Style

5 Ways Home Fragrance Compliments Your Interior Style

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1. It’s bold like your decor

You’ve taken the plunge and painted your walls a dark atmospheric colour, like all those insta-worthy homes, so now is the time to think bold with your home fragrance. Choose something woody, musky and smooth for that sophisticated feel to match your decor. Our Black Pomegranate candle will not only stand out against the moody colour palette but will intensify the feeling of grown up style. It’s a warming woody scent with a hint of sweetness that says opulence as soon as you enter the room.


2. Takes clean to a new level

Keeping your home clean can be a constant battle, especially with children! Give yourself a helping hand by not only looking fresh but smelling it too. Pop a couple of our Lemongrass and Ginger melts in your burner while you clean for the motivation you need. The tangy lemongrass, Sicilians lemons and limes will hit you within minutes as the melts do their thing. This stimulating scent will blend into a heart of spicy ginger root and nutmeg bringing a touch of the exotic to your clean room. It’s perfect for kitchens on freshen up Friday!

3. Creates an oasis of calm

The environment in which we sleep can contribute to how well rested we are so why stop with colour schemes and bedding? You can create that feeling of instant calm with one of our Lavender Spa diffusers. The constant scent of lavender fills the whole room soothing you as soon as you step inside. With a subtle fragrance throughout the day it can ease anxiety and promote healthy sleep becoming your own little oasis.


4. Changes with the seasons

Rather than repainting on a whim as the seasons change, use your home fragrance to bring that season in. As spring has sprung go for floral bouquets and clean scents enhancing those fresh cut blooms and spring clean vibes. Our Damson Plum, Rose and Patchouli will definitely have you feeling hopeful, like summer is just around the corner. Fruity plums and berries, indulged with cinnamon and clove, blend into the floral bouquet of rose, jasmine and sweet patchouli.


5. Transforms your bathroom into a home spa

Self-care has neer been as important as this past year and I’m sure we’re all missing a trip to the spa. Creating that spa at home feel can be just as easy as popping on some of our soy wax melts. Choose Eucalyptus and Peppermint for that moment that makes your shoulders relax and your worries evaporate. Not only bringing calm to your tub but also leaving you feeling rejuvenated.



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